Asus, a Taiwanese company is known for manufacturing world-class electronic products. Asus has a wide range of products for its users, and routers are one of them. Asus routers are beautiful looking, easy to install and highly efficient devices, which provide you with fast and seamless internet for as long as you want. Asus routers are widely popular in the US due to their dependable nature and excellent customer support.

ASUS Routers have a wide fleet of routers, which include:

  1. RT-AC68U.
  2. Blue Cave.
  3. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300.
  4. RT-AC3100.
  5. RT-AC86U.
  6. RT-AX88U.
  7. RT-AC5300.
  8. RT-AC87U.
  9. RT-AC1900U.
  10. RT-N12 D1.
  11. RT-N56U.
  12. RT-ACRH13.
  13. RT-N66R.
  14. RT-AC1750.
  15. RT-AC68P.
  16. RT-AC66R.
  17. RT-AC56U.
  18. RT-AC56R.
  19. RT-AC1750 B1.
  20. RT-N16.
  21. RT-AC1200G.
  22. RT-AC55U.
  23. RT-N600.
  24. RT-AC88U.
  25. RT-AC3200.
  26. RT-AC66U.
  27. RT-AC66U B1.
  28. ROG Rapture GT-AX11000.
  29. RT-AC1200.
  30. Lyra Voice.
  31. OnHub SRT-AC1900.
  32. RT-AC51U.

Asus routers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which allows the routers to deliver the internet signal at a significant distance. However, in order to enjoy the benefits of strong signal power, it is imperative for you to set up and configure ASUS routers in the right way. The following section sheds light on the same.

Asus Router Setup: How to do it?

To configure and install the Asus Router, follow below mentioned steps.

  1. If you’ve just bought the router and haven’t unboxed it, then take the router out of the box.
  2. In case, you want to set up your old Asus router, then you will have to reset it first.
  3. Now, you need to plug the router to the power outlet and then, turn it on.
  4. Connect the Asus router to your modem (cable/DSL) and for that, you will have to use an Ethernet cable.
  5. Connect your computer with the Asus router using one more Ethernet cable. In case, you don’t have an extra Ethernet cable, then there is a workaround. You can click on ‘Wireless’ icon on your computer. If the computer doesn’t have that icon, then you will have to arrange an Ethernet cable.
  6. If there is an option to connect the router with the computer wirelessly, then you will see an unsecured wireless network by the name of ‘Asus’. You need to connect to that for the time being.
  7. On your computer, launch a web browser and type ‘’ in the address bar, as this is the ‘Default Gateway’ for the router. Once entered, hit ‘Enter’.
  8. As your router has been reset, it is not going to ask for any ‘Username’ or ‘Password’, but in case, it does, then you will have to enter ‘admin’ in both fields.
  9. Your Asus router is going to detect the internet and its connection type.
  10. You will now have to follow on-screen instructions to proceed with the Asus router setup process.
  11. To know as to what to enter in ‘Connection Type’, get in touch with your Internet Service Provider.
  12. If there is a firmware update available for Asus Router, then make sure you download that update.
  13. Once all the process is done, you should restart the modem as well as the Asus router.

With this, the Asus Router setup process concludes, and now, you will be able to access the internet channeled from your Asus router. Asus Router is generally a reliable router with no problems whatsoever; however, things could change within a matter of seconds. Technical issues and routers go hand in hand; therefore, it becomes important to discuss the problems that could emerge in the Asus Router so as to be prepared for them.

  1. Asus router not broadcasting
  2. Asus router not connecting to the internet
  3. Asus router lights meaning
  4. Asus router no Wi-Fi lights
  5. Asus router not responding
  6. Asus router not turning on
  7. Asus router login
  8. Asus ac3100 not working
  9. Asus router Wi-Fi stopped working
  10. Getting the message of ‘please wait for internet reconnecting’ in Asus router
  11. Asus RT-AC5300 problems
  12. Asus router wan port not working
  13. Asus AC3100 pink light
  14. Asus Router won’t reset
  15. Asus Router is not accepting the password
  16. Unable to update the firmware of Asus Router
  17. Asus Router error 651
  18. Asus Router Authentication error, certification error, DHCP error
  19. Asus router error code inet_e_resource_not_found
  20. Asus router can’t connect to 5GHz

For all these problems, you can get in touch with Asus Router help and support. These are only a few issues that are experienced by users, as the list goes on and on. To get the best solution for problems related to the Asus router, it is important that you only put your trust in experts.