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How To Configure Your Asus Router Without A Computer?

You might be wanting to know whether you can configure the Asus router without Computer or not. The answer to this question is; definitely yes. These days, we find rare people without a computer but with the changing times, they are now becoming dependent on their smartphones and tablets to get themselves online.

If you are among those who like to use a smartphone or the computer conked out and want to set up an Asus Router Setup, then you can do without requiring a computer. Though mobile devices have limited capabilities as compared to the computer still, you can set up a router without any problem.

How to setup with Android?

1.       Switch on your router by connecting it to the power supply.

2.       Wait till it gets booted.

3.       Now, turn on the Wi-Fi network of your smartphone and search for the router’s SSID. The router SSID can be checked from its back. You will find SSID along with the password.

4.       You are now prompted to enter the password. Type it as it is.

5.       When connected, open a mobile browser and in the URL address bar, enter the IP address of ASUS router. The default IP address is Just go to the sticker pasted at the back of the router. If you find any problem in getting the username or password details, you can get it from ‘Network discovery app’ installed on the phone.

6.       Click to login. By default, the username is ‘Admin’ and the password is ‘Password’.

7.       Hopefully, you will be able to login to the router window.

Now, we are going to discuss the steps for setting up the ASUS router with the iOS device.

Setting up with iOS device:

1.       Turn on the router and wait for 2-3 minutes till it gets completely booted.

2.       Using an iPhone or iPad to open the Wi-Fi menu. You will find this menu under settings. Click on ‘Router SSID’ from the list of the wireless network.  The SSID usually consists of brand name and serial number. To cross-check it, you can check at the back of the router. Here, SSID along with the password are printed, you can copy same on phone.

3.       Click to connect.

4.       You are now suggested to enter a password.

5.       Once connected, you will be taken to the browser screen where the URL of your router login is to be entered. If you don’t know the IP address of the router, you can get it from the router manual or from the website. Enter in the address bar followed by pressing ‘Enter’.

6.       If you find any problem in connecting the router to the iOS device or the settings doesn’t work, then download FING and install it on the device. You can easily get the IP address of your ASUS router from there. Apart from FING, there are other apps as well which are available for this purpose.

7.       You are now prompted to log in. The default username for Asus Router Setup is ‘Admin’ and the password is ‘Password’. If you have changed it earlier, then enter a new one.

8.       This way you will be able to set up an ASUS router from the iOS device.

You can start using the router with your home network connection.

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