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How To Enable Parental Controls On An ASUS Router?

When you’ve kids at home, internet time needs to be kept under control because too much of internet can spoil your kids to an extent that they won’t be able to change their behaviour. Internet is the source of information and your kids must have access to that information, but kids start acquiring that information as well, which they don’t really have to acquire. This left parents with no other option, but to curb the internet time for kids, and it can be done easily on Asus Routers.

There are ‘Parental Controls’ settings on Asus Router seup that let parents enable or disable internet access based on the time of day an day of the week. This feature is very helpful if your child has a smartphone or laptop in his/her room, away from your watchful eyes.

Therefore, you will have to set up certain controls so as to ensure that your child doesn’t get out of your hands. Follow below-mentioned steps to set up parental controls on your Asus Router:

  1. Log into your router at ‘’. Now, click ‘AiProtection’ followed by ‘Parental Controls’.
  2. From ‘Parental Controls’, you will have to click ‘Time Scheduling’.
  3. As you do so, you will see ‘Client’ list from which, you will have to choose a ‘Client Name’ also known as ‘Mac Address’ that you would like to restrict. If the client has connected to the network in the past, then it will show up automatically in the drop-down list or else you will have to manually enter the MAC address. If the client is not online at the moment, then you can click ‘Show Offline Client’ list.
  4. Do you see ‘Add/Delete’ column? If yes, then there is a ‘Plus’ sign in that column, which you need to click to add the client.
  5. Now, in the ‘Time Management’ column, click ‘Pencil’ icon.
  6. You will see small square boxes in which each box is equals to an hour. So, select the blocks of time that you want internet to remain on. The boxes that remained unselected will indicate no internet.
  7. Click ‘OK’ now.

That sums up setting up of parental controls in Asus Router. Now, you must have a question in your mind that what if your child is able to circumvent parental controls. Well, that could very well be a possibility, so let’s discuss what to do in that scenario.

Time Scheduling in Asus Routers is enforced by Mac address, which is a ‘Burned-in-address’ on the network adapter, so it will not change unlike an IP address. The only way that a Mac address can be changed is by getting a new network adapter or by getting a special software to spoof a MAC address. It is not that easy to spoof a MAC address, especially when someone is trying to do it on a smartphone.

It is possible to change MAC address on some portable routers, but if you aren’t using a portable router, then that option is not valid. To put it in simple terms, it is not impossible but definitely difficult for your child to get around time scheduling on your ASUS router, therefore, it is better if he/she follows your rules when it comes to accessing the internet.

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