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How To Fix ‘Firmware Update Failed’ Issue From Asus Routers?

When you update the firmware of your Asus router setup, most of the times it updates successfully. However, some users come across update error in the form of message which they have been receiving on their downloading screen. It says ‘Firmware update failed’. This message is quite annoying but can be easily fixed with the help of troubleshooting steps which are going to be discussed here as under.

You need to run the router in the rescue mode to fix the problem.

  1. Download and install Utility: Open ‘Asus’ website and enter the model name and the serial number. Click on right model number.
  • Go to the Support page and check for ‘Driver and utility’ under the same section.
  • Go to ‘Driver and tools’.
  • Tap to select ‘OS’.
  • Click on ‘Expand’.
  • Check the Firmware restoration utility.
  • Click to download.
  • Double check to start downloading and installing the firmware.
  1. Modify the adapter settings: Now, you have to change the adapter settings by connecting the router to the computer through a wired connection.
  • Tap ‘Start’ followed by ‘Control panel’.
  • Go to ‘Network and the internet’.
  • Check ‘Network connections’.
  • Under the above-mentioned menu, you will find ‘Adapter settings’ Click to change them.
  • Click on ‘LAN’.
  • Right-click to open properties.
  • Check the IP version of your connection. It should be TCP/IP4.
  • Change the settings according to the one given below:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Tap Ok.

  1. Upload/Install the firmware: The steps to upload the firmware of Asus router are given here as under:
  • Disconnect the power from the wireless router
  • Hold the reset button for at least 5 secs, then reconnect the wireless router. Reconnect the router to the power supply and press the reset button.
  • When you notice LED on front panel, release the button. This will bring the router into Rescue mode.
  • Go to ‘Start’ followed by ‘all programs’.
  • Click on ‘Asus router Utility’.
  • Search for ‘Firmware restoration’.
  • Click to search the firmware from the computer drive and start uploading it. This will take one minute.
  • When the power light stops blinking and turn to solid green, press reset button to bring the settings to factory default. This will delete the whole data from the router which was earlier stored in it.

Once you are done with the Rescue mode, don’t forget to go to control panel from the ‘Start’ menu and change the network connections. As discussed in the previous passage, you need to open the Internet protocol version settings and click to change it to ‘IP4’ to Automatic. The router will now obtain the IP address on its own.

If you are still facing the same problem after implementing the above solution, you can contact ‘Asus experts’.

For more and detailed knowledge of Asus routers like how to setup Asus router and Asus router VPN setup you can visit Asus’s official website

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