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How To Fix ‘No Wi-Fi Internet Access’ On Computer Using Asus Router Problem?

Are you getting a connection problem on your computer while connecting it to the wireless ASUS router? Well, there are some easy methods through which you can troubleshoot this problem. Issues with the router and wireless networks are inevitable but with the right approach, you can get back to the internet experience. You just need to take these steps as gospel to your problem.

The steps for fixing the internet problem on the computer are given here as under:

  1. Always place the router near to the wireless client. Here, the client means the computer which you are going to connect.
  2. Check the LED lights of your wireless router if it is for 5 GHz or for 2.4 GHz. If not LED is ON, it means the signal either from 2.4 GHz or from 5 GHz is not available. Yes, if LED glows then it means the wireless system is ready to start.
  3. If the LED is flashing it means the transmission is taking place either in the form of transmitter or receiver on the Wi-Fi network. For more information related to the blinking of LEDs, you can refer to the guided manual or website. You can search for the support from Asus
  4. Check and identify if the wireless adapter, devices, and notebook have similar signs and the symptoms.
  5. Try connecting the computer to the internet via a wired connection. If it is working, then there is certainly some problem with the Wi-Fi network.
  6. Set TCP/IP settings in such a manner that it can receive the IP address automatically. In windows 7, over to start menu followed by ‘Control panel’. From here, go to ‘Network and Internet’. Search for ‘Network sharing center’. Tap ‘Manage network connections’.
  7. Select IP4 or internet protocol version 6 from ‘Internet settings’.
  8. Tap ‘Properties’.
  9. To obtain IPV4 settings, double-tap ‘Obtain IP address on its own’.
  10. If you want to obtain IPv6 on your device, click ‘Obtain IPv6 automatically’.
  11. Tap ‘Ok’ when completed.
  12. Check the parental control section and see if the device is blocked or not. You can check the parental control from ‘AiProtection’. If you find your device name listed in the Client Name, remove it by clicking the ‘Delete’ button. Go to ‘Time management settings’. For more details related to Parental Controls, you can go to ‘Introduction to parental control’ link.

After implementing the above-mentioned steps, if you are still getting the same problem, then it is suggested to contact Asus router experts or go to the Asus router setup link.

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