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How To Resolve Asus Router ‘Authentication’ Error?

Are you facing problem in authenticating the Asus router online? If yes, then nothing to worry, it is a common problem which has been faced by too many users when they try to connect to the internet. Fixing ‘Authentication’ error on the Asus router setup is as simple as it sounds. If you are using any smartphone and trying to connect it to the home wireless network, you will find ‘Authentication error’ due to a problem with the Asus router which is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network. If there is some problem in the keyboard of a device which you are going to connect to the network, you will find Authentication error on the screen.

Asus routers are designed in such a manner that you can get the enhanced speed of network on your device even if the incoming signal strength is poor. Its gigantic features make it different from other company routers. You can search for any results online without any fear of being hacked by hackers. The searches are secured and fast. However, if you are getting problem in Authenticating the Network, you can try the below-mentioned steps which are well tested and verified by experts.

1st step: Reset wireless network

The very first steps are to reset the wireless network which can be done by unplugging the network device. Connect the router again to the internet by plugging it to the power supply.

2nd step: Change network connection

If you find the above-mentioned step doesn’t work for you, you need to change the network connection. It includes changing the IP settings, DNS and other security settings.

3rd step: Verify the password

In most of the cases, ‘Authentication’ error encounters due to the incorrect password entered during login. To login to the network, you need a username and password. If the password entered by you doesn’t match the username, you will find ‘Incorrect message’ on screen. Try entering the password again after confirming it from ISP.

4th step: Change security Type of network

You can also try fixing the error by changing the security type of network. To enter into Security type of network, you have to go to ‘Add a network’. Here, you will find ‘Setup manually’’ option. Click to proceed.

After implementing the above-mentioned steps, if the connection still gets disconnected or you are not being able to connect the smartphone to the Asus router, then there is no need to create a panic. Just try the steps again or contact experts who have a thorough knowledge of each and every topic related to Asus routers.

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