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How To Update The Asus Modem/Router Firmware

Do you have an Asus wireless modem/router combo and want to update its firmware software manually? Follow our simple guide, as we have explained everything that you need to know in a very easy to understand language.

Before we proceed with the modem router firmware update, it is necessary to verify the following:

  1. Exact Model
  2. The version of the firmware installed on the device (in order to find a newer version to download)
  3. Hardware version (since each model has different hardware with unique features)

You can find this information on the label located under the modem or in the product packaging.

Now, once you have found all the aforementioned information, it’s time to move on with the update of Asus Modem/Router, which is what we are going to explain in detail in the below section.

Updating the Asus Modem/Router in easy steps:

  1. Connect to the Asus Support link to find the exact model of the modem router using the appropriate search field.
  2. Once located, select it to access the Drivers and Utilities page.
  3. Choose the operating system in use from the appropriate OS field, then check and download the firmware by selecting a server available.
  4. As soon as you save the file on your computer (it will surely be a compressed file in ZIP or RAR format), you can extract its contents on the PC desktop to easily find it.
  5. At this point, open your browser and enter the IP address to access your router, for example, and then the user name and password.
  6. Once inside the modem router configuration panel, from the settings menu on your left select Advanced Settings> Administration (Administration), from here select the Firmware Update tab (Firmware Upgrade), then click on Browse and select the firmware to install.
  7. Finally, clicking on Upload will start the installation process.

NB: the firmware update procedure must be carried out exclusively by wired network and not by Wi-Fi.

With that, the process of updating Asus Wi-Fi Router concludes and now, you can use the latest version of Asus Modem/Router firmware. However, if you have performed the above-mentioned steps in the exact same way, yet not able to update the device, then maybe you have skipped a step or two, or maybe you have it all wrong. Now, in such situations, it is recommended to get in touch with Asus Router Setup and Support providers because they are the best option for fixing such complicated issues. You can also ask them about the right procedure of updating the firmware of your Asus Modem/Router.

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