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Install Asus Router App And Start Managing Network From Pocket

By installing the Router app for your android and iOS phone, you can easily manage the network with single click from the pocket. You might be wondering how it is possible. Well, we are going to mention steps ahead in the coming up passage. It is recommended to read all the steps and features of the app carefully before installing it on your smartphone.

Do you remember when you were keen to download the management app on phone the last time? We expect you all answer ‘No’. This is normal and genuine as no app was developed so far for android and iOS users.

Now, coming to the main features of this app. This app lets you to control your Asus router from the touch of your smartphone. You can install this app on any smartphone provided it must be powered by android or iOS OS. You can check the stats of your network from the home screen of the phone and monitor the traffic history. If you want to check how many devices are connected right now to the router, you can go to ‘Wi-Fi network status’ page. Apart from this, there are many more options available on the page like you can change the password or update the version of firmware installed on the router. If you want to rename the router or SSID of your wireless network, then click ‘Change SSID’ and set the name of your choice.

You can switch between the networks and also get information related to the particular device which is connected to the router. If you notice any unauthorized device accessing your router, you can block it on the network from the app itself.  You can block the entire network or limit the incoming bandwidth. This function is useful from the parent’s point of view who want to restrict their child from using unnecessary data on watching videos from YouTube and other video platforms.

You can get this app from the respective app store. If you are using an android phone, then go to playstore from the phone and search for ‘Asus router’ app. This app is common for all router models. If you are using the iPhone and want to download it, then open app store and enter the login credentials for apple account to start downloading it.

After downloading the app, link your home Wi-Fi router to the app with the help of on-screen instructions given on the app screen. If you want to change the router in the future, delete the previous router and add the new router. The app will automatically fetch settings for new router.

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