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Learn To Recognize Problems On Your Asus Router

Bad internet? Connection falling all the time? Slow down when accessing web pages or downloading files? When we go through problems like these, usually the first idea we have is to call the provider and ask the help of technical support. However, sometimes the cause of the problem may be in our homes, especially when we use additional equipment to access the internet.

Routers are extremely useful equipment, but they can also be the source of good headaches! We will provide you with some tips on how to check for possible malfunctions on your Asus router setup so you can solve them.

Check the lights on the router

The indicator LEDs on a router always light up in a specific pattern determined by the manufacturer to show information such as local connection activity and internet traffic. Make sure the lights are blinking in a different way than usual or if some light is off when it should actually be on. This type of anomalous behavior can be a good way to start diagnosing almost any problem with the router.

Another possible situation is that all the lights on the router are off, even if the unit is turned on. In this case, make sure that the power cord is firmly plugged into the power outlet and/or the router, or that it is wearing out.

The router lights are identified with common terms such as WLAN, Wireless, Internet, and Online, depending on the model. Refer to the instruction manual for the correct identification of your device.

Check the cabling

In addition to checking the power cord, it is also a good idea to check the network cable (Ethernet cable) of the router. Although we use the Wi-Fi connection more often, the router is connected to the modem through an Ethernet cable, through which it receives the signal from the internet for later distribution by the environment.

This cable may be old and frayed: over time, its metal connectors may rust or accumulate dirt. There is also the possibility that some of the inner copper wires will break (if the user has the habit of folding the cable excessively). The small plastic hook on the connector of an Ethernet cable also wears out over time, leaving the cable looser on the router’s connection port and damaging the signal transmission. Providing a new cable can solve the problem.

Reset the router

As annoying as it is to hear this from the support attendant, restarting the router is necessary and often only, this little action can make the internet connection back to normal. All routers have a small reset button on the back, deepened so no one bumps into it. To tighten it use a pointed object, such as a ballpoint pen. With the router on, press this button for a few seconds and release it. The front lights will go out and light up gradually. After that, test the connection to the internet.

Update the firmware of the router

Another excellent procedure to avoid or even solve problems is to keep the system that manages your router – the firmware – always updated. Firmware is a software that manages the components of the router and allows the user to make adjustments to its operation, such as security password setting, list of allowed MAC addresses, among others. Router manufacturers always release updated versions of their product firmware periodically in order to fix bugs and add features.

Overheating and other problems with the router

Electronic equipment heats naturally due to the passage of electric current. However, overheating can cause irreversible damage to the router. If your Wi-Fi connection is in trouble check if your router is getting too hot.

If so, turn off the power for a while and allow it to cool completely. Then reconnect it and see if it works again. Manufacturers recommend that a router be installed in a well-ventilated location that does not clog its ventilation holes. If the router still does not work, there is a good chance your router has burned.

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