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Start Accessing Your Router Even If You Forgot The Password

If you have forgotten the Asus router setup password, there is no need to get disappointed. You can reset it to factory default.

The username and password are set on your router in order to protect it from web interfaces and keep the port forwarding option unchanged. No doubt, you can change the password from default to personal one the condition is that you need to remember that credentials. If you have forgotten the password, reset it to default settings and check the default password.

Finding default username and password

We recommend you to try the default username and password before resetting it to default.  There are chances that you may log in with default credentials if you have never changed them before. Since resetting the router will delete the current username and password, so it is quite obvious to try default on.

Different methods to find default credentials

  1. Router’s manual: Every router has its own manual, to check the username and password for a particular model, you need to refer its manual. The manual is also available online on the website. You can open it by entering the model number and make on Google. All the default credentials will then get displayed on the screen.
  2. Look for a sticker on the router: All those routers that come with your internet service provider have unique passwords printed on the back of the device. You will find sticker posted in relative to this.
  3. Try general username and password: By default, the username for most of the routers is ‘Admin’ and the password is ‘Password’. You must try these login credentials to connect to the network.
  4. check from router passwords: In case the default credentials don’t work and the physical manual is not available with you, you can find a list of username and passwords from the said link.

You will have to reset the router in case the default credentials don’t work for you or you want to change them due to security reasons.

Reset router to factory default

  • You will find a hidden black color button at the back of every router. This must be pressed for some seconds. When you release it, all the settings will set to default and any changes made so far will be deleted. All the settings related to forward port, network settings and parental controls will be flashed from the device. After this, you can easily log in to the router with the default credentials.
  • You need to configure the router again from scratch.
  • The exact process of reset varies from model to model. You can refer router manual for best results and instructions related to Asus router.
  • First, check the router button at the back where you will find a label named ‘Reset’. Press the button with the help of a sharp tip pen or pencil for 10 seconds.

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