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What Are The Default IP Address Of Your Asus Router And How To Change It Easily?

Each router has 2 IP addresses, one is used for connecting to internet externally and other is used for connecting the router to local devices like smartphone, iPad, media streaming players, and laptop.

To connect the router to the internet service, you need an IP address that is to be provided by the Internet service provider. As far as local IP is concerned, you can get it from the Asus device manufacturer or visit the website.

What is the Router’s default address?

Every router has its own address through which it gets recognized on the network. You can get information about the address by entering the model number of Asus-router on website.

For modifying any router settings, passwords or to set up port forwarding, you need a private IP that will enable you to connect to the router’s console.

If you have already configured Asus Router setup on any smart device, then you can straightforwardly access the login page of the router from the device itself. The Private address is also known as the default gateway or Network configuration address in computer language.

What are default username and passwords?

To access the user’s page of your Asus router, you need a default username and password. For this, the default credentials are given here as under:

Default username: Admin

Default password: Password

In case, you have forgotten the default credentials, there is nothing to worry. With the help of simple steps, you can easily reset the password and router. Press the black button from the back of the router for 30 seconds and release it.

Asus router reset details

  • Resetting Asus router will delete all the settings configured on it whether these are related to network, IP or device.
  • It is recommended to reset the router only if the information entered is incorrect in the admin page or the login account is locked due to wrong entry of details several times. If you have recently updated the firmware of the router, then you may find the problem in accessing the page.
  • To soft reset Asus router, you need to disconnect the power supply from the Asus router and reconnect it after 10 seconds.

How to change the default IP address of Asus router?

  1. By default the IP address of router and modem are always same, so you need to change it for any one of them otherwise, it may result in interference of both the IP’s.
  2. If you are keeping the same IP address for both the devices, then it will not benefit you much rather led to a connection problem.
  3. When you change the IP address of the router, it will not change other addresses like Subnet, mask and gateway address.

In some ISP’s you need to authorize home networks by entering Mac address of router or modem. There isn’t any need of local IP address for such cases.

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