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What Are The Default Login Details Of Your ASUS RT-N66U?

Have you owned an ASUS RT-N66U model or going to purchase it in the coming days? If yes, then there is general information about it which you must know for setting it up. The default password details and steps to reset the login information are discussed in this post. So, if you have forgotten the password of your Asus router setup, nothing to worry. By applying simple steps, you can easily reset it and set a new one according to your choice.

Default RT-N66U login password

It’s too easy to access the web manager page of your ASUS RT-N66U router from any browser and use the login IP address. Don’t forget to use Ethernet or wired connection for changing the settings of your router because the wireless connection will not help you in accomplishing the same task. Moreover, this will also protect your data from being lost.

If you find the default login details viz; Password and username don’t work, then the only way left out to fix this problem is; factory resetting of the router. This will delete all the data from the router and bring all the settings to default.

Username and password information:

Default login address:

Username: Admin

Password: Admin. Both the credentials are with default details.

What are the steps for resetting the password?

In case you made some changes in the default login name and password of your router and forget it, you won’t be able to access the internet and get ‘Access denied’ message on the screen. You have to perform a hard reset function to restore everything to defaults. To hard reset, your device, press the white button from the back of your router panel with the help of sharp tip pen or any paper. Keep it pressed for 30 seconds. After this, release the button, you will find everything gets reset to default.

How to change the RT-N66U login and password?

It is recommended to change the default login password after regular interval of time to protect from unauthorized entries who can change your modem. To change the factory default login, follow on-screen instructions and change login combination.

Go to status followed by Security and go to the drop-down menu to change the username or password. It must be noted that you need current login information to make any changes. The default login password and username would be ‘Admin’ and ‘Admin’.

Models on which the same process will work include N66U, Dual-band wireless N-900 Gigabit Router.

How to troubleshoot IP connection problem?

If you are not being able to access the web manager page of your router, then it means there is a problem with the IP address or the default gateway has been changed. This means someone else has changed the details without your knowledge.

Open command prompt window and enter ‘ipconfig’ in the command window. This will check out the correct IP address for your ASUS router.

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