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Why ASUS Mobile App Remote Control Cannot Connect To The DNS?

ASUS Router app allows you to control the router via your smartphone, but what if the app remote control can’t connect to the DDNS? Many users are facing this problem right now and if you too are one of them, then check below-mentioned tutorial to find a solution to the problem.

First, confirm that your home network is public IP or private IP, the viewing method is very simple. If you have identified it as a private IP, then how you will have to solve the problem. To know how the right solution to the problem, read on.

You will have to call the operator’s customer service phone, connect to the manual service, do you say your IP is private; you have to change to public network IP.

The customer service will ask you some basic questions; confirm your identity, broadband account, a household name, and household ID number.

When you provide all the aforementioned information, only then they will be able to help you turn to the public network IP. Customer service is going to say that it will take 24 hours for settings to take effect, but in fact, you can restart the modem and the router instead of waiting for 24 hours.

After switching to the public network IP, check the router settings interface. If it is what you wanted in the first place, then the process is done.

Now, you have to move ahead with the process, so follow below-mentioned steps for the same:

  • Enter the router settings interface, log in, and open the external network -DDNS.
  • Server selection (This is ASUS’s DDNS)
  • You will define the hostname. It is OK to enter alphanumeric characters, but it cannot be used to play special characters.
  • Then remember to click on the application settings on the page below, and then jump out of the prompt to register successfully.
  • Next, open System Management – System Settings
  • For Authorization method, select ‘BOTH’ and then, select ‘Yes’ for the option labeled as ‘choose from the Internet settings’
  • The communication port uses the default port 80. Although it is blocked, you don’t need HTTP, just use the HTTPS port.
  • Once set, pull to the bottom and click ‘Apply this page’ to set it up.
  • Ok, the above computer is set up. Now, if you want to know how to operate the mobile app, follow below-mentioned steps:
  • Open the ASUS mobile client ASUS Router.
  • Choose to manage the Asus router setup (Note: the initial settings need to be configured in the LAN, that is, the phone is connected to the router Wi-Fi environment)
  • Enter the router management username and password, the advanced option opens to select HTPPS, the port defaults to 8443 and then clicks on the bottom login.
  • Then, click on your router name to enter advanced settings
  • Pull to the bottom of the advanced settings, open the remote connection, and jump out of the cue point to accept.
  • The places that need attention are marked out for everyone.

It’s already good now, but if you are still not able to turn off the router via your smartphone, then check below:

  • After you configure it, you can use the mobile phone itself to access the data network or prompt the DDNS connection to fail.
  • Here you will found that after you configure remote access, you can’t use your mobile phone’s own network to access it.
  • So, you will need to connect to the external network, you have to connect to other Wi-Fi, or you can use a mobile phone to map hotspots to connect the phone to the Wi-Fi, in short, you cannot use the mobile phone’s own mobile data network to access.
  • You can take another mobile phone and use the mobile 4G to map the hotspot. The internet will work properly, which also means, the problem is solved

For more and detailed knowledge of Asus routers like how to setup Asus router and Asus router VPN setup you can visit Asus’s official website

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